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Benefits of Solar in Utah

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The state of solar power in Utah

Utah’s national ranking for solar generation shot up from 26th place in 2018 to 11th place in 2019. Prices have fallen by 36 percent over the past five years attracting more Utahns to switch to solar power.

The beehive state has an average of 226 sunny days each year and is the 5th sunniest state in the US. That's only a difference of only 15 percent compared to the best state for solar, California. The greatest snow on earth in Utah is a concern but keeping solar panels clear can mitigate this.

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How much solar power does Utah produce?

Utah produces roughly 1,757.74 MW of electricity through solar power, which translates to 6.35 percent of the state’s electricity. With the current rapid growth in the industry, another 1,567 MW is expected to come online in the next five years.

As of 2019, 36,218 solar installations power 340,361 homes. The state benefits from 6,045 jobs in the solar industry. With several large retailers , including IKEA and Patagonia going solar and an expansive solar plant in Paragonah, the future of solar is healthy in Utah.

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Is solar power generation feasible in Utah?

Utah is ranked in the top one-fifth nationwide for solar power generation.

Sarah Wright of Utah Clean Energy states that Utah is "amongst the best states in the country for sunshine" and sits "in the top 10 for solar resources." Wright also suggests that improvements to interconnection standards and net metering have helped solar shine in Utah.

Previously, the biggest barrier to solar in Utah was financial, but as the price of solar drops and legislation to decrease costs further crop up, that barrier is breaking. Solar power is expected to continue its upward trajectory through 2040 at the least.

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How much does solar cost in Utah?

The cost of installing solar power in the Beehive State is not prohibitive. As in all states, a 26 percent federal tax credit is available along with a renewable energy system tax credit . * This credit allows you to claim up to $1,600 toward 25 percent of equipment costs. Additional incentives are available depending on your utility company and area.

Tax credits and local incentives can cut costs by thousands of dollars.

With a projected payback period of just over nine years (depending on your home and solar system), solar installations in Utah make sound economic sense.

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What legal considerations affect solar power in Utah?

As mentioned, the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can provide you a 26 percent tax credit for the purchase of solar until the end of 2020 when it will be phased out for residential solar.*

The Utah state government also offers a credit against income taxes the following year, allowing residential solar consumers to offset equipment and installation costs.*

Utah is also net-metering friendly. Net metering allows you to send surplus energy back to the grid. You can then call on this when it’s snowy or cloudy, so you’ll never be without power. Rocky Mountain Power offers the most competitive net metering program in Utah.

Solar easement laws allow you to work with your neighbors to ensure no obstructions cast shade over your solar installation. There's also a solar rights law in place in Utah to prevent developers from vetoing the installation of solar panels on homes.

Then there is also the before mentioned legislation passed by Governor Herbert safeguarding consumers while simultaneously extending the state tax credit.

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How can I start using solar in Utah?

If you’re ready to make the switch to solar in Utah, contact SunPower by Custom Energy. Whether you are a homeowner or homebuilder, SunPower by Custom Energy has services and products to suit your needs. Request a free savings estimate to get started and find out how much you can save with SunPower by Custom Energy.

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*. Incentives, rebates, and tax credits vary and are subject to change. SunPower does not warrant, guarantee or otherwise advise its customers about specific tax outcomes or their ability to qualify for local incentives. Consult your tax advisor regarding the solar tax credit and how it applies to your specific circumstances. Your SunPower Dealer can help you determine if you qualify for other local incentives. Please visit the website for detailed solar policy information.

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    Custom energy had repaired my solar panels, replacing all inverts and associated controls on Sun Power warranty. That is why I had Custom energy install my batteries for solar backup. They did a wonderful job, I trust them completely.

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    They kept me informed through the whole process of installation. We had the roof replaced during the process, and the new roof looks amazing. The panels are working like they should so far(1 month), unless it snows then they work fine once the snow melts.

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    We really liked the "all in one solar system" not components from different manufacturers. The system was expertly and timely installed. Both SunPower and Custom Electric meet all of our expectations.

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    Custom Energy provided detailed, accurate and timely information. Our own research indicated that the manufacturer (SunPower) as well as Custom Energy provides quality products, good service and prompt response to any questions or issues. Our system was installed in a timely manner and is operating better than expected. I appreciate the all encompassing service approach - if I have a problem I call the same person regardless of the origin of the issue. I would not hesitate to recommend Custom Energy and SunPower to anyone looking for a quality system and install.

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    Called for a bid and they were helpful and responsive. The layout appears to be able to satisfy our needs, but we were not able to move forward with the installation until later. Overall was good to get a bid and understanding of next steps.

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    They replaced the microinverters on our solar panels in a timely manner. Made appointment, showed up on time and did a great job.

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    I purchased a 20kw system for $64.2k in 2021. I wanted the best panels from a manufacturer with the best reputation. SunPower’s panels and equipment met these requirements. Their Utah affiliate, Custom Energy, visited my home within the week of my inquiry and provided me with a clearly illustrated proposal which said my electric bill would go down from over $400 per month to $30 per month. I was skeptical of course. The installation occurred three months thereafter with little hassle and done with precision in one day. Other electricians visiting my home said the install was the “cleanest” they’ve seen. One year in and my monthly power bill is just $16…yes…$16. It’s amazing and I am very excited to no longer have a huge bill to run our air conditioning which can run very high in Moab, Utah’s desert where 100 degrees is typical. Love solar and love Custom Electric.

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Lilburn Deskins

    Lilburn Deskins


    The company was professional from start to finish. They had the product on hand, told me when the installation would start and when it would be finished. They provided weekly feed back telling me where the approval process stood and what I needed to do. After installation, they were there to answer questions about the system. When friends ask about my panels, I highly recommend SunPower by Custom Energy to them.

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Robert Cook

    Robert Cook


    The sales process was professional, easy to understand, and answered all our questions. The salesman was helpful throughout the whole process from placing the order to follow up after start-up. The company was also responsive in getting us documents necessary for filing for our tax rebate. The installation crew was quick and professional and did an excellent job. We only received about 2 days notice before their arrival. A little more notice would have been helpful. The new meter from our power company was installed a few days after installation was complete. When that was done the system was turned on. However, no power was being generated because of a communication problem. After calling Custom Electric they sent someone to rectify the problem within a day. Since then, the system has been operating well without any issues. The system size seems to have been determined well since it is generating enough power for our home usage and provides some excess which goes back into the grid. The app that reports how much energy the system is producing and how much the house is using is confusing and just wrong. This could definitely be improved since it has a lot of potential to give customers insight into their energy usage and production. Overall, I would highly recommend SunPower Equipment and Custom Electric to anyone who intends to add solar power to their house. The experience was positive and the people were helpful and responsive.