Rebate for Sonnen Batteries By Rocky Mountain Power in Layton

As of December 1, 2020, Rocky Mountain Power began implementing its Wattsmart Battery Program. When you opt to participate in this program, Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) will automatically manage your backup battery as part of their smart power grid.

Wattsmart is part of RMP’s ongoing efforts to find ways to use energy efficiently. The program comes with the following benefits:

Upfront incentive upon enrollment
Earn ongoing bill credits
Help create a healthier environment
Keep electric prices among the lowest in the nation
Use renewable energy efficiently

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Signing Up

Signing up for the Wattsmart program does not have any negative side effects on your solar battery . It will still perform as normal, with the only major change being RMP now having the ability to turn your battery on and off.

With this program, Rocky Mountain Power means to connect participating solar batteries to create an energy resource pool large enough to provide energy when needed. Excess solar energy is stored during the bright, powerful daylight hours and stored for use in the evening or early morning hours.

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How to Enroll


Work with a qualified installer who can evaluate and determine your options.


Read the program requirements and rules to ensure participating is the right choice for you.


Have the solar system installed with an approved battery and interconnected with Rocky Mountain Power’s customer generation meter.


Submit application for participation and incentive.


RMP will verify the ability to communicate and dispatch the battery


Verification of Customer Generation application approval by RMP


Incentive check is issued!
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Which Batteries Are Eligible?

This program and rebate is currently available to those with Sonnen Core, Sonnen Eco and Sonnen EcoLinx backup batteries. Learn more about the details of the incentive program on Rocky Mountain Power’s website.

Utah is a prime state for harnessing the advantages of solar power and backup batteries. With Sunpower by Custom Energy, you can boost your home’s value, use a renewable energy source to power your home and take advantage of rebates and incentives like those with Rocky Mountain Power. Call us today to get started with a free in-home estimate!

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Lighten Your Energy Bill

Through Rocky Mountain’s Wattsmart rebate program, Sonnen and select batteries are eligible for exclusive incentives, making it even more accessible to harness sustainable energy solutions for your home.

About the Wattsmart Battery Program

Wattsmart Battery Program

Discover Rocky Mountain Power's Wattsmart Battery program, a leader in energy efficiency. This innovative initiative seamlessly integrates energy storage into the smart power grid, providing participants with upfront incentives, ongoing bill credits, and an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable environment through the effective use of renewable energy.


No. For Rocky Mountain Power to justify paying an incentive, the batteries must be able to connect to their system. This will require battery manufacturers to work with us to create a working connection to our system.

The best candidates are customers who are early adopters of technology, energy conscious and want to make a positive impact on the environment with renewable energy. This innovative program is in its infancy and will evolve over time. Customers who do not wish to be part of a continually evolving program should not participate.

At this time, the following batteries qualify for the program:

  • Sonnen Core
  • Sonnen Eco
  • Sonnen EcoLinx
  • SolarEdge Energy Bank
  • Fortress Power Envy True

Yes, if you are an existing solar customer and install an eligible battery you can receive an enrollment incentive and annual incentives. Your participation in the Wattsmart Battery program, will not impact your current net metering/customer generation rate.

As long as you participate through the commitment period of four years and maintain your battery with our system, you will not have to pay back the incentive. You must also maintain your internet connection to the battery so we can communicate with it. If we are unable to communicate with the battery at any point during participation, we will notify you to fix it. If it is not fixed, you will be required to pay back a prorated portion of the incentive.

Yes, if your current battery is a Sonnen or SolarEdge battery you can enroll in the program, although you will not be able to receive the upfront enrollment incentive. You will be eligible to receive the annual participation bill credit. The enrollment incentive is available for batteries purchased and installed after the effective date of the program.

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