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#1 Consultation

If you’re ready to make the switch to solar, the first step is a consultation. Understanding how solar can benefit you is important, so our team will take the time to analyze your home’s solar potential. If you’re a good candidate, we will explain the process, complete an initial site assessment, and discuss costs and financing options.

#2 Custom Design

Every home is different, and our solar energy system designers take this into account. Factors that will affect the design of your system include the square footage, slope and pitch of your roof, the direction your house faces, the amount of shade your property receives, and your energy needs. We will also factor in your budget and the architectural style of your home.

#3 Financing

At SunPower by Custom Energy, we believe that everyone should have access to sustainable energy. We offer financing, with low credit options and same-day approvals. There are also federal and state incentives for going solar.

#4 Permits

Installing a solar panel system is a major construction project that requires approvals and permitting from city and local officials. SunPower by Custom Energy takes care of all paperwork for you so you don’t have to worry. We manage every step of the project and ensure that all work is up to code.

#5 Installation

Once we have obtained all necessary permits, installation begins. Depending on the size of your system, this can take between one and three days. Our team consists of licensed electricians and technicians, so you can rest assured that your system will be professionally installed. After inspection, your system will be ready to operate.

#6 System Maintenance

We are invested in your system and we will continue to monitor its efficiency after installation. You can expect our assistance in correcting any problems that may occur. Additionally, we will teach you how to monitor your system and quickly view energy production and savings.

#7 Support

Your solar energy system is protected by a comprehensive 25-year warranty that covers every component. Our service team is available to answer your questions, address system issues, and educate you on system monitoring. Our promise to be the best solar company means we always put our customer’s needs first.

Recommended by Family & Friends Every Time

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Kraig Hill

    Kraig Hill


    We’re very happy with our solar panel installation. Once install started it was very fast, they took care of all the administrative work and the app is fantastic. Great support throughout!

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Megan Curtis

    Megan Curtis


    We are happy we chose SunPower to install our panels. They were professional and so far we feel it has been worth the investment. They blend into the roof as well as solar panels can and even though it's been a cold and snowy January we are producing more than I had anticipated for the winter.

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Jared Mann

    Jared Mann


    These guys were upfront and professional/not pushy at all. Great equipment quality and collaboration throughout.

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Daniel Zebelean

    Daniel Zebelean


    Overall the experience was excellent with SunPower. The staff was very professional and very responsive to any inquiries. The price was competitive, and they have a quality product. I recommend anyone who is considering installing a Solar Panel system on their home.

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By jackie benson

    jackie benson


    After alot of research we found sunpower was one of the best products on the market. the whole process took about 8 weeks and the final installation was done in one day. every one was very helpful with our questions and Gracie with customer service keepted us very informed on where we were at during the process and answered all our questions as they came up. The whole process was a grate experience.

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Elena Hadjicharalambous

    Elena Hadjicharalambous


    We are so excited about our solar! Every step of the way was organized relayed with clear communication. Today our solar was able to capture almost 100% energy for our house even though it was an overcast day! We are so excited.

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Tyson Scholes

    Tyson Scholes


    After hearing the pitch with several companies we decided Sun Power offered the best value. Financing was easy, install went smoothly, and support for a minor issue with the app was responsive. Most importantly our power bill was zeroed out (aside from the small monthly fee from the power company)

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By I Cullumber

    I Cullumber


    Installation was done well. These guys took care of everything.

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Michael Henson

    Michael Henson


    I checked out a few solar companies. Custom Energy was by far the best. The representative that came out (Brooke) was very knowledgeable about the product. He answered every question I had. I was toward about the process that would happen and when it started, I was kept in the looped on everything that followed liked they said. The Crew that set up the panels were very professional and explain each step they were doing just to let me know without asking them to do so. Very happen I choose this company for the install.

  • Custom Energy - 5 Star Review By Kyle Carney

    Kyle Carney


    Installation was fast and easy going. Product itself looks great. They did a good job creating the design for our house . Customer service has been polite and informative. App is awesome to use. Its great to be able to see live data of what the panels are producing.