Top 10 Solar Myths, Debunked

Posted on Sep 25th 2023


Top 10 Solar Myths, Debunked

Solar energy has gained immense popularity in recent years as a clean, sustainable, and cost-effective way to power homes and businesses. However, with this growing interest comes a fair share of myths about solar panels and their capabilities. Our solar experts at Custom Energy are here to set the record straight on 10 of the most common solar myths.


Myth: Solar Panels Don't Work in Cloudy Weather

Fact: While it is true that solar panels are most effective in direct sunlight, they are still capable of generating electricity on rainy days. After all, some sunshine still reaches the ground despite the clouds. Modern solar panels can capture diffuse sunlight, producing a significant amount of energy even when it's overcast.


Myth: Solar Panels Can't Meet Your Electricity Needs at Night

Fact: It's easy to see where this myth originated from, as solar panels don't produce energy at night because there's no sunlight for them to convert. However, most solar setups are connected to the grid, allowing homeowners to draw electricity when the sun isn't shining and even sell excess energy back to the grid. Backup power systems such as the SunPower SunVault also allow you to store energy that can be used after the sun sets.


Myth: Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

Fact: While it's true that solar panels are no small expense, the cost of solar panels has decreased significantly in recent years, making them more affordable than ever. Moreover, there are various financing options , tax incentives, and rebates available that help reduce the upfront cost. It is also important to note that while solar panels are costly at the onset, they are an investment that will ultimately save you more money on energy bills.


Myth: Solar Panels Require Constant Maintenance

Fact: Solar panels are extremely low-maintenance! There's no need to hesitate because you don't want more things on your to-do list. Solar panels have no moving parts that need frequent replacements, and they are designed to withstand all types of weather, rain or shine. An occasional cleaning and routine checkup by a professional is usually all that's needed to keep them in top condition.


Myth: Solar Panels Decrease Property Value

Fact: For homeowners concerned with the aesthetics of their property, rest easy; solar panel designs have come a long way in recent years. Many panel options are designed to blend seamlessly with your roof to keep a low profile, so there's no need to fear that bulky equipment will mar the appearance of your home. Installing solar panels enhances curb appeal and increases property value, as they represent energy savings for future homeowners.


Myth: Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof

Fact: Solar panels that have been installed by professionals such as those at Custom Energy won't cause any damage to your roof. They can actually extend your roof's lifespan by providing protection from UV rays and the elements. Professional installation is key to ensuring your roof remains intact.


Myth: Solar Panels Are Inefficient

Fact: The sun produces more than enough energy to allow solar panels to meet your home’s energy needs. Today's solar panels are highly efficient, with conversion rates ranging from 15% to over 20%, which is enough to potentially power your whole home. Solar energy is holding its own in terms of energy efficiency, even going toe-to-toe with other green power options like wind and hydroelectric.


Myth: Solar Panels Are Only for Warm Climates

Fact: Temperature does not affect the efficiency of solar panels. Solar panels can generate power in a wide range of climates. While it is true that they perform best in sunny regions, they still work in colder and cloudier areas. However, the energy output may vary somewhat.


Myth: Solar Panels Have a Short LIfespan

Fact: Built to endure harsh weather conditions and withstand the test of time, solar panels are incredibly durable. At Custom Energy, we offer a 25-year warranty on SunPower panels. After warranties expire, panels often continue to produce electricity. With proper maintenance, your solar investment can serve your home for years.


Myth: Solar Energy is Inconsistent and Unreliable

Fact: On the contrary, solar energy is very predictable and reliable. Solar installers use advanced software to accurately forecast energy production based on local weather patterns and the system's capacity. This allows homeowners to plan their energy usage effectively without fear of losing power to their home.

Understanding the truth behind these common solar myths is crucial for making informed decisions about adopting solar energy. If you're searching for accurate information and guidance on solar panel installation, it's always best to consult with a reputable solar company such as our team at Custom Energy in Utah. Contact us today to learn how much you can save by switching to solar!

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